About us

Gast Companies is focused on three investments groups: Financial, Industrial, and Real Estate. Our goal is to use our expertise to buy, manage, and invest in a diversified portfolio of assets that increases value over the long-term. Gast Companies is led by the 5th and 6th generation of Gast entrepreneurs.
1840’s thru 1860’s:
August Gast and his brother, Leopold, emigrate to America from Germany in 1848, bringing with them
a lithographing press. After time in New York and Pittsburgh, the brothers move to St. Louis in 1852,
forming Leopold Gast & Brother Lithograph. Co., which in 1866 became August Gast & Co.
1870’s thru 1880’s:
August grows his Lithography company, and in 1885 sells August Gast & Co., which at the time
was the largest Company of its type in the country. August then starts the August Gast Bank Note & Lithograph Co., and Gast Wine Co.
1890’s thru 1940’s:
August Gast’s son Ferdinand takes over the family businesses. Gast Wine Co.is absorbed by Gast Brewing Company in 1900, which becomes one of the prominent brewers of St. Louis, Mo. in the U.S.A.
1940’s thru 1960’s:
Gast Building & Realty Co. is founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1944. Ferdinand’s grandsons Ferd Gast and Robert Gast invest in and develop real estate around St. Louis. Robert Gast formed companies to develop single family homes, and also formed companies which invested in and operated amusement parks.
Robert’s son Doug Gast enters the Financial Investments business, focusing on equity investments and options.
Gast Webbing Restraints was founded as a manufacturer of automotive parts.
Heavy focus on Real Estate Investments. The 3rd generation becomes involved with Gast Building & Realty.
Gast Companies consolidates the different interests to focus on managing a diversified portfolio. Gast Companies raises money from other investors to coinvest in projects in the United States and Internationally, and begins operations in Europe.